CoverEver since middle school, my life has been a series of to-do lists. An ever-updating set of tasks to lead me to my life goals.

Graduate high school – check

Attend college in Houston – check

Finish a duel degree in digital design and marketing in four years– check

Launch right into a Masters of Science in Marketing– check

While working an internship at Dwiser Ad Company – check

Land a full-time job at Dwiser – check

Fall in love with a man who’ll move mountains for me – check

Okay, so I’m not dense enough that the last one was really on a to-do list, but don’t we all fanaticize about it at some point?

That gorgeous, powerful, wealthy man who makes a suit look like porn?

Those adoring glances, extravagant dinners, heart-dropping gestures, and mind-blowing sex?

The protective, feral, alpha male, who makes your skin tingle, your legs go weak, and your tongue forget how to function?

Except, somewhere along the line, it went terribly wrong.

DownPour 2

Black, Blue, & Purple Pain Anthology

AnthologyPart 1 will be released as part of the Black, Blue, & Purple Pain Anthology

Release: October 1

Featuring Bestselling, Award-Winning, and Debut Authors; Angel L. Woodz, J.N. Sheats, Akil Victor, Elle Henry, Sylvia Stein, D.L. Blantz, J.L. Witt, Marla-Marie Dean, Silver Rain, Ellie Masters, V.E. Avance, Casey Hagen, Breigh Forstner, Elizabeth Blade, Lauretta L. Kehoe, Christine Monroe

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